How to play

Exclamations and boxing gloves appear at the TOP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT of Jelly, the main character. When the mark at the top reaches the green part of the bar the input is recorded, so you have to be pressing the arrow corresponding the direction needed (and only that one). 

YOU CAN KEEP THE BUTTON PUSHED BEFORE IT HITS THE END OF THE LINE, as long as you are pushing the correct arrow when the mark hits the green area, you're good.  

When you get hit by Le Feroz after some good inputs, arrows will be swapped so you have to adapt to the new directions. It gets out of control very quickly.

What is this?!

This used to be a debate game. Then it was a flight simulator (but not a good one). Then it was a visual novel about a psychologists need for absolute control.

Instead, this is a game where a boxer jellyfish called Jelly fights their lover,  a crab called Le Feroz. For absolutely no reason. And when they finish they kiss. Because they're gay. And they love each other. And they fight. :)

For the most part this is an arcade game which main purpose is to get the highest score possible (online leaderboards don't work for now).

The idea is based on a videoclip by Dorian Electra: Man to Man


Design: Fenshan, Jota and Tamuda
Programing: Jota (JDK-LTA)
Art: Fenshan and Tamuda

We made this game in 48h during GMTK Jam, the concept was Out of control.

(PD: There's a known bug that doesn't allow you to replay after finishing once. Just F5 or reopen in the downloadable version to play again)


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Good Game


Ty! Love u liked it


it just doesnt work.... how to play this? After the first death the game just frezzes .... 


It's a known bug we cannot fix until the Jam is over. Just hit F5 and you can try it again! Also, in the description there is a "How to Play" section if you get lost ^^. We didn't have time to make a tutorial. Thanks for playing and we hope you give it another try!




Took me a few tries to understand what was happening, but it's pretty fun. It's gets real hard, but that makes it sorta addicting! 


Really happy you enjoy it :)


Really cool game! Tricky but pretty fun!


ty! So much!